Had you met me a little over a year ago, you wouldn’t have caught me dead leaving the house without makeup. I also was not investing in any sort of solid skincare routine, nor was I even paying attention to what I was putting on my skin.

Did you know that when it comes to skincare vs makeup, European women spend approximately 80% on skincare and only 20% on makeup? Here in the US, its the total opposite. Its more like 20% on skincare and 80% on makeup.

“A good skincare regimen is the best kept secret that all French mothers give to their daughters.” (What the French Know About Skincare That Americans Don’t)

It boils down to the fact that when you focus your efforts on a solid skincare routine, the less you need heavy makeup – hence, allowing your natural beauty to shine through. And that includes paying attention to what’s in our skincare products. Things like animal rendered products, mineral oil, chemical fragrances & dyes – they all contribute to premature aging of our skin. Whatever we put on our skin absorbs into our blood stream in just 26 minutes.

So what does all of this mean? Why am I talking about it? Because I want to show people that when you start paying attention to what you put both on – and in – your body, you start becoming healthier and increasing your beauty, from the inside out. I won’t just necessarily speak only to skincare, but anything that relates to our body, inside and out. Both what we’re putting on our bodies and in our bodies. Our society has become so engrossed in clean eating, organic, GMO free, etc, which is great. But in the same token, we’re still putting junk on our bodies.

We will spend hundreds of dollars on our hair, between color treatments, cuts, styling, etc. We spend hundreds of dollars each month on gourmet coffee drinks, $100-150 on a new pair of shoes, a good $80 on mani/Pedi’s, but yet we question whether or not its worth investing in a quality skincare regimen.

Coffees, shoes, manicured nails, they all come and go. We have but one face. Just one face.